Lionel Anthony Atwill, only surviving Son, is quick to contact the Fanclub, with a scathing E-mail Correspondence, filled with inflamatory statements and. A second son, Lionel Anthony Guille Atwill, was born to him late in life (at age 60) by last wife, Mary Paula Pruter. The Son of Frankenstein (short) Police Official Mary Paula Shilstone in 1944 to his death in 1946 who carried his only surviving child, Lionel Anthony Atwill. OF DRACULA, HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, MURDERS IN THE ZOO, and SON OF FRANKESTEIN, to name but a few, but Atwill. On October 14, 1942, Lionel Atwill was sentenced to five years’ probation on a perjury.

Wife: Mary Paula Pruter (m. 7-Jul-1944, until his death, one son) Son: Lionel Anthony Guille Atwill. Lionel Atwill was a noted stage actor who later became a regular in horror films of. Lionel’s son (by last wife, Mary Paula Pruter), Lionel Anthoney Guille Atwill, was born on Sunday, October 14, 1945 when Lionel was 60 years of age. Lionel Atwill in the Actor’s Advice to his Son (Fox) – short The White-Faced Fool (Fox) – A Movietone Number short 1932 The Silent Witness (Fox) Lionel Atwill remarried in 1944 and fathered a son, Anthony, but the actor?s health declined and he died on April 22, 1946, after a long, debilitating battle with. High School: Mercer’s School, London FILMOGRAPHY AS ACTOR.
Above: Lionel Atwill as

His son Tony is a retired writer
Ghost of Frankenstein :

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